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The representative of WonderGirls fan union revealed that their request for fan conference with JYP Entertainment has been rejected on 23rd January.

It has been known that fans requested for a conference with JYP CEO Park Jin Young regarding the shocking news of SunMi’s sudden leaving of the group, but it was rejected. According to the fans, JYP has personally rejected the request.

The representative of the fan union announced on 27th January, “We are still in shock and confused state of SunMi’s leaving of the group. Such an important piece of news and it was released through WonderGirls American homepage and not through the fanclub, explaining it briefly in a few sentence in English. We are disappointed with the way JYP announced it.”

“We have been waiting for JYP’s sincere answer but until now we have not heard anything. And when we request for conference, they simply told us that they will reject it.”

It has been known that the fan union had given JYP 4 conditions on 23rd January:

1. There is a need to explain clearly about SunMi’s activities discontinuity. And when will the discussion and official announcement about the case be released.
2. Clear explanation about new member HyeRim’s status. This is because in the announcement posted on JYP American website, it is known that SunMi may have her comeback in the future.
3. SunMi’s fanmeeting. WonderGirls will meet with fans personally and establish a consensus, and also do a goodbye stage, since the last stage they had was during their Seoul concert last March.
4. JYP to apologise for their unilateral communication.

The fan union has given JYP a notice to hold the conference before 31st January. But it has been unclear from JYP’s side about their stand on holding the conference.

S: TVDaily + kbites


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