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outh Korean girlband 4minute, together with their junior/dongsaeng BEAST, performed at Taiwan Convention Center for their first oversea performance yesterday, has already more than thousands of fans to support them. An average of not more than 20 years old members, wore black with red suit shining suit on stage. Amidst the hit music MUZIK, with 3 members namely “Hyun Ah, Ji Hyun and Gayoon” showed off their pretty legs and even purposely took off their coat and showed off their shoulders. However charismatic junior/dongsaeng BEAST that just debut for 100 days is not losing them either. Beast’s performance on stage has gotten even more enthusiastic shouts from fans, that almost took 4Minute’s limelight.

4Minute later than showed off their Chinese and even said a few sentences such as “Is everybody good?” and “Have you eaten?”. 4Minute have seen recommended Taiwan programs in South Korean, therefore learning a few Chinese sentences, which can be used on the day itself. Members have also exposed that, whenever they talked, it will be very noisy, however they do perform their duties. Jihyun, like a mother, loves to take care of the group, Hyunah who loves to laze in bed however is like the daughter of the group, enjoys members` concerns.

Beast that has just debuted for their 100th day, was welcomed by many fangirls. Seeing fans holding lighted cards of members’ name, made them both flattered and surprised and said “Didn’t know that there will be so many B2uties coming, the enthusiastic shouting made by them are even more powerful than the Korean B2uties”, and expressed they are making SHINWA as a goal to move towards towards this goal. This time round due to member “Kikwang” shooting films and thus making himself absent from the performance, they expressed that they will come again to Taiwan to perform as 6 members.

Sorry, I’m HTML illiterate (never done a cut with media behind it in my life lol) so if you wanna watch all the fancams, go to the link below.

CREDITS (SOURCE); nicky456@b2strising(TRANS)


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