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New single by K-pop idol Taeyang and Japanese singer Aoyama Thelma “Fall in Love”

Taeyang of Korean idol group Big Bang has unveiled his duet single with Japanese R&B artist Aoyama Thelma.

The single, titled “Fall in Love”, was released Wednesday on various music websites in digital sound source. The two Asian vocalists sing of the emotions of falling in love on the track.

Taeyang, also known as SOL, was the first Big Bang member to debut as a solo artist. His two solo albums produced several hit singles including “Prayer” and “Where U At”.

Aoyama Thelma, who debuted on the J-pop music scene in 2007, has released two solo albums and two compilation albums to date.

She is best known for the 2008 single “Soba ni Iru ne”, which received several million downloads and set a Guinness world record at the time of its release as the best-selling digital single in the country. It also ranked second on the “Top 10 Global Best Selling Digital Singles for 2008” list by International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI).

The single record “Fall in Love” — which includes Thelma’s new track “Believe” — will be released in Korea on February 11.

Reporter : Ko Kyoung-seok
Editor : Lynn Kim
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