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K-pop singers Jo Kwon of 2AM, left, and Ga-in of Brown Eyed Girls [MBC]

Brown Eyed Girls member Ga-in and 2AM leader Jo Kwon’s duet song won the top award on major broadcaster KBS’s music program “Music Bank” over the weekend, remaining the most popular song for the second consecutive week.

Their single “We Fell in Love,” singing of the emotions developing between the two stars who play a make-believe couple on MBC’s show “We Got Married,” claimed their No. 1 title on the show broadcast live on Friday.

Jo Kwon’s four-member boy band gave their comeback stage performance with single “I Can’t Let You Go” on the program as well.

Meanwhile, After School took their second Mutizen Song win on SBS’ televised music program “Inkigayo Live” on Sunday with the remix version of their single “Because of You,” knocking out last week’s winner T-ara from the top spot. The original version of their song had received the same prize three weeks ago for two consecutive shows.

The seven member girl group have wrapped up promoting the single from their second album and will start performing another song from their album titled “When I Fall”.

Reporter : Lucia Hong
Editor : Jessica Kim
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