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Actor/singer Jung Yonghwa of CNBlue has revealed the story that Super Junior Kim Heechul had said that he’s nice.

On the show MBC “Golden fishery – Radio star” which was aired on January 20th, Jung Yonghwa together FT.Island Lee Hongki, 2AM Jokwon & Lee Changmin were the guests. When talking about the mistake he had made during MC-ing for last year SBS Gayo daejeon, Jung Yonghwa said “It was such a big stage so I’m really sorry”

He continued with “Since Hongki was in the middle of talking with Kim Heechul-sshi via the phone so he had asked him if I did host the show well or not, and because I was beside him (Hongki) so he (Heechul) couldnt bear to say I didnt do well so he said ‘Yonghwa is nice’ ” which made everybody laughing.

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