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New boy band CNBLUE just made its debut and it’s already troubled by accusations of plagiarism. Some alleged that “I’m a Loner,” the title song of the band’s mini album,” sounds much like the song “Bluebird” by an independent band called Ynot. “Bluebird” was featured in Ynot’s digital single album “Green Apple” released in May 2008. The part accused of plagiarism is the refrains of “I’m a Loner,” which is supposedly similar to the intro of “Bluebird” in its code and melody.

CNBLUE’s management agency has refuted the allegation, saying that the accusations of plagiarism are preposterous. If similarities in a few parts of the song constituted copying, there wouldn’t be a single song in the world free from the suspicion of plagiarism, the agency said. The agency went so far as to launch a counterattack against Ynot, arguing that the little-known independent band is trying to grab some media attention by crying foul. “I’m a Loner” has been topping music charts since it was released on January 14th.

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