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TOP to reveal his solo song during BIGSHOW!
Thursday January 21, 2010 Korea

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Big Bang TOP will reveal his solo song during Big Bang’s independent concert.

An official revealed on 21st January, “TOP will reveal his new song during Big Bang ‘Big Show’ concert.”

All this time, TOP has participated as featuring for rap in songs like ‘DISCO’ by Um JungHwa and ‘Sorry’ for Gummy, and is known for his rap capabilities. And all these songs have received great popularity, and with TOP’s own solo song coming up, much anticipation is for how it will be received by music fans.

There has been much interests since it was announced a while back that fellow DaeSung will also be releasing a solo album the first half of the year.

Meanwhile, Big Bang concert will take place from 29th till 31st January. And TOP recently wrote on GDragon’s me2day on 19th January, “This is the place we are together” and attached a photo of their performance venue.

S: StarNews
Credit: Kbites


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