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Female group T-ara opens their own online shopping mall.

T-ara will be the main characters featured on cable channel On Style online shopping mall enterprise project show ‘’ set to air on 17th February.

The T-ara members will directly do the planning, come up with the site design, selecting models, styling and visiting factories for their online shopping mall.

Also, members HyoMin, EunJung and Qri etc have also great interests in fashion, following fashion trends from abroad. Member JiYeon also showed the stylist side of her choosing the accessories for her drama appearance.

The group also got 100% support from one of the nation’s best stylist Kim WooRi to help out with the styling side of the online shopping mall project.
Other than that, the group also receives the help of senior celebrities.

The group is currently doing well on music charts with their hit song ‘Bo Peep Bo Peep’ while member JiYeon is currently involved in drama ‘God Of Study’.

The group will continue to move on to promote their 1st album title song ‘Like The First Time’.

S:TVDaily + kbites


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