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The 20.2 years old average age idol group SHINee will raise a child on TV!

SHINee will be doing fathers role as the boys will raise a 4 years old kid in a show called KBS JOY “SHINee’s Hello Baby“! The show is set to air for the first time tomorrow Jan 19,2010 !

Meanwhile, here are SHINee members’ response towards their new role :

JongHyun, “I’m a little boy who raises a kid…”, on the other hand, Key replies confidently,”I will do well!”

Then Minho says,”It seems to be an interesting year,” he said with high hopes. Youngest Taemin,” I want to see them grow!”.

Whilst leader Onew,”We will try our best on this!,” he said as the feedback to the members, showing a strong desire towards the program.

SHINee has finished filming for KBS Joy “SHINee’s Hello baby” 1st episode as the boys moved into the baby’s house after hijacking(?) it!

KBS JOY “SHINee’s Hello Baby” is last year production SNSD’s “Hello Baby” sequel. And it is said that the viewers will get to see interesting episodes from SHINee.

In the show, viewers will see SHINee doing impersonations, comic dance, cute accents, and other never seen by public actions.

Catch the first broadcast of “SHINee’s Hello Baby” on Jan 19 12:00 midnight!

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