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Daesung to release his song this late January
Wednesday January 20, 2010 Korea

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5 member male idol group BIGBANG’s Daesung will release his new song at the end of this month in the form of digital single.

YG Entertainment officials said to Star News, “Earlier this month, it was announced that Daesung will be releasing his solo album. His new song ‘Cotton Candy’ will be perform on their upcoming concert at the end of the month.”

There has been a plan that this song will be release next week before the concert, so that fans will have a taste of this before the concert.

In February, Family Outing will broadcast their last episode for the first season but the fans will be seeing Daesung again through this song.

According to the officials, “Daesung wrote the lyrics for this song himself.” They added, “This song is different from the style of BIGBANG. Daesung wants to show to the fans his own style of music in his first solo album.” His song is going to be published by YG members and some composers outside.

Big Bang will be having their come back concert in three consecutive days, January 29 to 31, at the Olympic Stadium in Seoul. They will be back again in Japan for their tour after the concert.

Korean Article: Starnews
Translated by: zai @ibigbang wordpress


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