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Group BEAST dismisses rumours that they will be ending promotions for their first minialbum.

Fans have raised their concerns if the group will be ending their 1st minialbum promotions earlier since it has been announced that their company Cube Entertainment had partnered up with Universal music for their Asian promotions, which will start with promotions in Taiwan. The rumours that it is their goodbye stage have surfaced for every of the group’s music show appearance.

But it has been assured that BEAST will continue with the promotions for the time being. There are also activities plans for the group even after they start their Taiwanese promotions on the 23rd.

The group is currently until spotlight for selling over 20K album copies in just 3 months into their debut. This is phenomenal results for a rookie group, and after their ‘Mystery’ promotions, about 5000 more orders for their album productions have been sent in.

Not only that, the group members have also shown their various charms and capabilities on broadcast show and have received good reviews for that.

BEAST and 4Minute have also been said to be 2 of the aspiring newcomers in Asia on Billboard.

S:Newsen + kbites


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