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2PM TaecYeon declares war (?) on his minihompy.

He recently renamed a folder in his photo diary on his minihompy as “The person who circulated the photos, turn yourself in”. This follows the incident which happened last December when his personal photos uploaded privately on his minihompy were leaked online by a netizen.

With his private photos leaked, TaecYeon had closed down his minihompy for a period of time. He was seemingly angry at the incident and posted up messages like “who was it?”, “how did the IiChon photos get uploaded?”. Fans and netizens also tried to mediate things by posting up comments like “let bygones be bygones” etc.

S:TVDaily + kbites


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  1. taecyeon oppa, u should be mad. netizens just meddle into celebritys’ lives too much sometimes….

    July 11, 2010 at 3:22 AM

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