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Arashi’s Sakurai Sho challenged his first nude in the Fashion Magazine “an an”.
“I’m not the sexy one in Arashi-.” It was a surprising offer for him though he worked out with his personal trainer and he threw down his looks-great-without-clothes upper body and even his butt. Unexpected sexy intelligent caster with nothing on, fans must be excited.

He is in the news show as reporter with suit on though blast shots titled “men’s body” will be inserted on the magazine cover plus 8 pages in the latest issue of “an an”.
He shows the beauty of his body in 6 pictures included also is his six-pack on the cover of the magazine, one with half of his butt showing and underwear shot.

He had this offer during last fall. This was an amazing project for him too. “I never expected this. When I was offered I thought ‘No way’!” He took this offer full of drive because “Surprise is part of our job. This is a big challenge for me also.” He has been working out from last August for Arashi’s national tour for 10th anniversary since their debut then his nude offer fall in. “If I’m showing my body, I want to be prepared” He worked even harder.
Photoshoot was in the early December. He is pretty confident “I could relax because the light from the window was so beautiful” Masahiro Kumai, chief editor of an an, acclaimed “Pure, sexy, androgynous but with scent of a man.” Sakurai talked a lot about sexiness of women “I guess it comes from her life style or way of life.”

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