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This is from Dream Maker Enterc


Date: 10 April, 2010
Venue: Araneta Coliseum (MANILA)


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Source: Dream Maker Entercom



Last Friday, I received the news that Super Show 2 is coming in Manila and since I am from the Philippines, maybe just maybe I could go there myself and experience the joy and wonder of seeing my fave Super Junior in action.  But some said that it’s still semi-confirmed.  I was actually happy with it, thinking that I could still save enough money for the possible SuShow in Manila soon.  But early Saturday morning, a very good and lovely friend of mine (hyukxenhae of texted me that it is really confirmed and that our Super Juniors are really coming in the Philippines sooner than I expected.  I was really prepared for this actually.  I couldn’t just take a leave of absence in my job and the size of my money isn’t enough.  You know why?  because I am really not prepared for this.  I never thought that THIS DAY WOULD COME! oH dear Lord! But I am still praying that soon there will be another Super Show 3 here in the Philippines and I promise myself that by that time, I would be there to witness our gorgeous hunks perf in front of the ELF’s and I.

So here is the text message of my beautiful friend HyukxenHae (ne Ae-in sarang).   She said that it is PULP Live Production who would orgranize the event and she made some research about this company/production.  What she found out was that they are a pro in holding concerts  in the Philippines but mostly rock bands so i guess it’s new for them to actually handle a very famous Korean pop band here.   They (PULP Live Production) are communicating directly with  SM Entertainment and according to them that this event is sure to go.   Official announcements from SMEntertainment will be on sometime in February to avoid overcrowding.   PULP Live Production leaked the info to shy away from any possible chaos of reservation of tickets and the like.  My Hyukxenhae searched (as I told you awhile ago) about a possible SS2 thread and found it on Wikipedia.  It states that the sponsor for the event will be Dream Maker Entertainment.

Official ticket prices will be released on Monday with the seating layout.  To add up:  PULP Live Production is not affiliated with any, I mean, any fanclub.  They are merely an event organizers handling concerts here  and they will be the ones bringing SJ here in the Philippines.   (as per HyukXenHae’s text to me)


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