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Korean pop singer Shin Hye-sung [Live Works Company]

Korean singer Shin Hye-sung is set to make his official debut in Japan next month, according to his agency on Tuesday.

Live Works Company explained that the singer will be releasing his Japanese album “Find Voice In Song” and a best album on February 24.

As part of promoting his album, the singer will also hold showcases throughout Japan starting with Osaka on January 20, in Nagoya two days later and in Tokyo on January 25 and 26.

Shin Hye-sung, whose real name is Jung Pil-kyo, debuted in 1998 as the lead singer of popular boy band Shinhwa. He has released two solo debut albums “Love of May” (2005) and “The Beginning, New Days” (2007).

The 30-year-old singer was charged with a KRW 10 million won fine in October after gambling in Macau on several occasions.

Lynn Kim
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