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Posted By: Love. Music.

It was recently confirmed that five-member gal group Kara would be performing at the OSL (OnGameNet Starleague) Finals, a huge tournament taking place this month for Starcraft, aka the unofficial national sport of Korea.

On Sunday, January 17, former champion Flash will be matched up against Royal Roader Movie at Olympic Park – Olympic Hall in Seoul for the final round of the tournament; the girls will be there to perform at the event. The tournament, which will begin at 5PM, will be livestreamed on various websites, so you can watch the two have a go at each other live when the big day comes.

This isn’t the first time that an idol girl group has performed for Starcraft players, as SNSD made an appearance at a tournament last August for a few performances.

Apparently, Flash recently revealed that his ideal type is none other than Kara’s Nicole… so this should prove to be quite an interesting encounter!



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