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Super Junior Shindong has revealed that he’s the only one in the team dont receive the interference from the company.

On the show KBS2TV “Star Golden bell” which will be aired on 9th, Shindong is one of the guests and he will talk about the idol group’s taboo subjects.

MC Ji Seokjin asked “Being an idol you will receive a lot of interference from the company, is there anything that you absolutely can not do ?” which Shindong said “We cant take photos at those drinking parties”. But he continued with “But at the company there is saying that ‘Shindong, it’s OK to you’ ” which made everybody laughing.

Shindong also said “When we promote for <Dont Don> and <Sorry sorry>, we had a cool image so we couldnt be funny when we came out on TV”, “but someone said to me ‘Shindong-ah, yesterday you were so funny’, ‘You’re the only freestyle one in Super Junior’ ”

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