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The words “원더걸스 돌아와” on the letter means, “Wonder Girls come back”

Recently, a strong fan of girl group ‘Wonder Girls’ left a picture of a bloody letter. Late last year 2pm’s Taekyeon and Mblaq’s Lee Joon, this is now the third time a bloody letter was shown. For what reasons do these fans show such passionate behavior?

A bloody letter is a more passionate and fanatical way of showing one’s feelings. Most of the fans for idol groups usually start with Junior High students who have not matured yet and are going through puberty.

Idol stars usually receive gifts such as: letters, drawings, perfume, and other items to show their love. In order for the stars to recognize them, they tend to find large and expensive gifts.

The fans that left the bloody letters probably wanted the stars to recognize their love for them more strongly. Instead of just blood, these fans choose to cut their wrists to demonstrate their love more.

The internet culture has strongly influenced this type of behavior by comments such as “I was able to do this much, but you can only do that much?”. These kind of comments have created competition amongst the fans online. This could be seen as a factor.

After seeing this kind of behavior, netizens have been responding with “They are out of their mind. I don’t understand.”

Just recently a member of a popular idol group said “Although receiving gifts are great, please refrain from giving gifts. Instead give me letters written with sincere thoughts only.” To some fans, leaving bloody letters seem to show their sincerity and their love, thus choosing to leave the letters are better.

[최준용 기자]

[Translated by: sunmikiwangjang]
[Credit: Mia_Mia@soompi + SoulHee@ WGspectacle]


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