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[KPOP] Seeya-Davichi-Tara PROJECT GROUP TO START ‘Wonder Woman’

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Female group SeeYa-Davichi-T-ara will start off their promotions for the single ‘Wonder Woman’.

The 7 members from the 3 groups will start promoting their new project single ‘Wonder Woman’ officially after the song was revealed last week.

There were 5 members for their first project – SeeYa YeonJi, Boram, Davichi HaeRi, MinKyung and T-ara JiYeon.

But for this project, it will be a 7-member one with new members SeeYa SooMi, T-ara HyoMin and EunJung.

The group will be performing the song live from 15th January on KBS Music Bank.

Meanwhile, member JiYeon will join back T-ara for their promotions of title song ‘Like The First Time’ off their 1st full length album on KBS Music Bank as well.

source: kbites


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