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251209 interveiw with Leeteuk and EunHyuk in KBS world radio Arabic Department

two DJs for this interview i refering to them as DJ 1 , DJ 2 and DJs (if both of them talk)
ET(Eeteuk ) , EH ( EunHyuk)

DJ 1 : today guys we have a big gift for the new year
DJ 2 : yes , honestly this not just a gift for you (listeners) , it’s for us as well , right ?
DJ 1 : yeah
DJ 2 : I feel like i’m dreaming right now and I don’t want to wake up . guys , do you know who are with us today?
I think you (listeners) didn’t expect this too . because of you and because of your massages that you tell us throw it (massages)
to do this interview with Super Junior . your dream has achieved and we (all) will not forget it .
DJ 1 : today guys we are hosting 2 handsome guys from the korean boyband Super Junior.
DJ 2 : here they are Eeteuk and Eunhyuk .
DJs : welcome welcome
ET & EH : Hello , we’re Super Juni ~ o r
DJs : nice to meet you , nice to meet you guys
DJ1 : before we start please introduce your selves to the listeners
ET : hello , I’m Super Junior’s leader Eeteuk
EH : hello , I’m Super Junior’s member Eunhyuk , nice to meet you
DJ 2 : so , do you know guys that you and all Super Junior’s members are very famous in Arab countries .
DJ 1 : we have a lot of massages from the listeners expressing their feeling about Super Junior and saying how much they like you
And your songs too . and ask us (KBS world radio) to do this interview and some ask you to visit the UAE
DJ 2 : have you been in any Arabic country before ?
ET : unfortunately we haven’t visit any , but if there is a chance we want to visit Arabic country in the future . thank you for loving us
DJ 2 : is there any chance to hold concert in any Arabic country like UAE ?
ET : we want to go there for concert and fan meeting but first we want the Arabic fans to give more love to us .
DJ 1 :some of the members are doing drama and you DJ-ing in Kbs radio , how is your schedule coordinating ?
ET : it all done by the manger’s help , we also cooperate and try not to make our solo activity conflict with our group activity
DJ 2 : then what do you do in your free time , do you play a video games ?
EH : for me , I like spend my time in shopping and .. I like driving also.
ET : I like spend my free time in the dorm and going online and sometime I play piano
DJ 2 : he’s an artiest after all
DJ 1 : do you go to noraebang* and what kind of music do you sing there ?
ET : yes we visit it (noraebang) sometimes and we sing all kind of song especially Trot songs.
DJ 1 : how many time do you go there ?
ET : 2 times in a year
DJs : not so much , you have to go often
DJ 1 : can we listen to some song from you guys ?
ET : when we go to Noraebang we sing trot songs so now we will sing a trot song called “ with My love “
ET&EH sing
DJ 1 : we want to listen to Sorry Sorry too please
DJ 2 : yes, Sorry Sorry
ET&EH sing Sorry Sorry
DJs : woo very good
DJ2 : have you listened to Arabic song before or do you know any male/female singer ?
ET&EH : no we didn’t , but if you recommend some Arabic songs to us we’ll listen to it of course .
DJ 1 : I want to ask a personal question . when will you plan to get married ?
EH : when all the member of Super Junior gathering together we always talk about this and even discuss it with other (male) ideal
but all of them are not married too . For me , I want to get married when I can even if it’s tomorrow
ET : I want to get married within 10 years .
DJ 2 : do you have girlfriend ?
ET : unfortunately I don’t have but if I have (girlfriend) , I’ll marry her within 3 years
EH : I’m suffering in this winter alone (also) without girlfriend .
DJ 2 : tell us about your future plans..
ET : we well release our 4th album and continuo our 2nd Asia tour that we already started in beginning of 2009
DJ1 : I heard that you were in Thailand recently and held a concert there . is there any plan to hold a concerts in other Asian country too ?
ET : we held 3 concerts in Korea and 3 in Japan and we’ll hold it in Taiwan , Hong Kong , and China too
DJ 2 : we hope you hold concerts in Arabic countries also
ET &EH : we want that too .
DJ 1 : Eeteuk also want that (too) just keep asking him (and other members ) if you want (them to hold a concert) .
DJ 2 : how can you see Super Junior in the future ?
EH : firstly, Super Junior’s name will remain forever . all the members are working in all , we have singers , actors , MCs , DJs ,models
So in future we’ll be the top in all .
DJ 2 : in sha’a Allah *
ET : also we plan to hold a concerts in Arabic countries , in sha’a Allah
DJ1 : do you want to be in drama or movie ?
EH : if I have chance I’ll try my best to be in all fields.
ET : Me too if I have a chance , I want (also) to be in Arabic drama/movie .
DJ s : great !!
DJ2 : he will studying Arabic language .
ET : in sha’a Allah .
DJ 2 : and memorizing some words
ET : in sha’a Allah
DJ 1 : great . our loveable listeners are you still enjoying this interview like me?
DJ 2 : yes, me too . I really want to talk to you guys more but because of the radio you DJ-ing will start soon , so unfortunately we have to
Finish this interview .
DJ 1 : yes. We wish we can do more interviews with you and with other Super Junior members in future in Korea or any Arabic country .
DJs : thank you very much .
DJ 1 : can I ask you to say Arabic words ?
ET : this is (word will he say it in arabic ) from a funny experience but it’s very entertaining . I learn some Arabic words but I’m
worried since the pronunciation not that good . ela aleqa’a *
DJs : haha nice
EH : ma’a Alsalama *
ET : in sha’a Allah
EH : I love you
All : thank you

*(noraebang ) karaoke bars
*(in sha’a Allah ) its Arabic/Islamic way of saying god willing
*(ela aleqa’a ) arabic word means see you soon
*(ma’a Alsalama) another arabic word means bye

Source : Kbs world radio video
notice & video found by : UAE-E.L.F & jojo.27@
Translated by : Gova @


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