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Female idol group Girls’ Generation attends a press conference ahead of holding their first concert on December 20, 2009. [Chae Ki-won/10Asia]
An unprecedented number of older male fans showed up for the concert of a female idol group at the Olympic Park in Seoul over the weekend — the fans of Girls’ Generation who started a golden era for girl groups early this year with their smash hit song “Gee”. The nine-member group kicked off their Asia tour titled “Into The New World” in South Korea on Saturday, whose 13,000 tickets sold out within four minutes of going on sale. The girls held a press conference on Sunday ahead of giving their last performance of their two-day concert in the country.

Q: How does it feel holding your first concert?
Tiffany: I’m so happy. It’s been my dream to hold a concert since our debut and I’m so glad it happened quickly. Our song “Gee” also received a lot of love early this year — I feel like I’m dreaming because we’ve achieved so much.
Taeyeon: During rehearsals, I was worried whether the stadium that we held our concert would fill up so I was very moved when I saw that the all the seats were full at the opening yesterday.

Q: Is there anything you prepared in particular for this concert?
Sooyoung: We set up a ‘family zone’ toward the front of the stage so that families can enjoy the concert together. I hope they’ll get to make many good memories there. We also prepared several songs which our mother’s generation would enjoy.
Tiffany: Each member prepared solo gigs too which will reveal the appeal of each of us since our themes don’t overlap.

Q: How does it feel looking back on 2009?
Taeyeon: I was thankful that “Gee” received so much love from the start of the year, but we got to do a concert because of that song and also received a lot of awards at year-end ceremonies, so I’m looking forward to year even more.

Q: Did Super Junior give you any word of advice since they’re more experienced than you giving an Asia tour?
Taeyeon: Lee Teuk sent a text message saying, “I know you’ll be nervous since this is your first concert but just do as well as you did while you were preparing.” He always sends messages before big events like awards ceremonies.

Female idol group Girls’ Generation [Chae Ki-won/10Asia]
Q: What did you have difficulty with in preparing for the concert?
Tiffany: We didn’t have much time because we prepared for the concert while we were still engaged in other activities. We’ve been very worried but we tried our best to show our fans as much as we can with the little time we had. I’m glad and thankful that we’ve received good reviews so far.
Taeyeon: It was our first time standing on such a big stage so it wasn’t easy memorizing our line of movement and utilizing the stage at the fullest. We’ll try to do a better job with it today.

Q: Jessica, you cried a lot while singing your last song yesterday.
Jessica: A lot of thoughts crossed my mind since it was our first concert. Tears I had been holding back throughout the concert kept flowing during the encore because I kept thinking it would be our last song. And then I made eye contact with my mom and I just couldn’t stop crying from then on.
Sooyoung: I was so happy when the lights went out toward the end of the show and our fans were holding up pink glow-in-the-dark sticks because it made me think, ‘When would I ever get to hold a concert like this again’. It was the most beautiful sight I’ve seen this year.

Q: How would you score your show last night?
Taeyeon: Out of what? 10?
Sooyoung: Seven? Or 7.5 out of 10? (laugh) We’ll do our best to give a perfect performance today.
Tiffany: I know our concert will probably lack in some ways since it’s our first and we’re very nervous, but we’ll try to become more experienced so that we can call it a 10 some day.

Q: Were any of you not able to sleep because you were so nervous?
Jessica: We all slept really well. (laugh)
Sooyoung: We all eat well, sleep well…
Taeyong: I don’t know if it’s because I was so tired from rehearsing for the concert but I fell asleep whenever I would lay down my head. I had a good night’s sleep again last night after our first show.

Female idol group Girls’ Generation [Chae Ki-won/10Asia]
Q: You’ve all always been saying it’s your dream to hold a concert since your debut. What’s your next wish now that you’ve achieved it?
Yoona: I hope we wrap up our Asia tour successfully so that we become Girls’ Generation of not only Korea, but all of Asia.

Q: Did anything interesting or fun happen while you were preparing for the concert? And what do you want to do most when you’re done?
Tiffany: I think fans will get to see funny sides to us that they haven’t seen on TV yet through the videos we will show in between songs. I made so many bloopers while shooting them because I couldn’t hold back my laughter.
Taeyeon: The people who watched the show yesterday said they had a lot of fun. And I want to go and relax at a spa when I’m done.
Tiffanny: I want to get a massage.

Q: You’ll be travelling to Shanghai, Tokyo and Bangkok after finishing performing in Seoul. Is there anything in particular that you’ve prepared for your shows there?
Sooyoung: We haven’t been able to think about it in detail yet since the schedule hasn’t been set completely but there’s a chance we may release a new song next year so we might reveal that.

Reporter : Wee Geun-woo
Editor : Jessica Kim, Lee Ji-Hye
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