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World star Rain will be having his independent concert in Las Vegas, America after 3 years.

Coming 24th and 25th December, he will be holding concert performance sin America Las Vegas Caesars Palace Hotel Colosseum. Rain will be performing his own hit songs in front of a 3000-strong audience crowd during the concert.

A staff revealed on 22nd Dec, “Rain has boarded the plane heading to Las Vegas on 21st December and he will be holding concert performances there on 24th and 25th December.”

After the concert, he will return to Korea and prepare for his ongoing Asia concert tour ‘Legend of Rainisnm’ which will take place in Japan in January. Already, he had his concert performances in HongKong in November and also in Indonesia and China in December.

S:Newsen + kbites

Bonus: Rain’s wish for next year, he revealed during a recent interview that he wishes to do “Movies, dramas, album, everything”. – Tvdaily


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