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Posted By: Aqilah Meimei

SJ-M pranks Patty Hou on her birthday, causing her to cry

original source: China Times
translated by minchong92 @

On the 18th, Youtube released the top clips from Taiwan of 2009! Korean boy band Super Junior won first place with 10,000,000 views of their “Sorry, Sorry” MV, claiming this year’s top song.

Also on the chart was Korean girl group Wonder Girls’ “Nobody” which took 4th place. Taiwan’s online cartoon “The Little Match Girl” and foreign animated cartoon “Charlie the Unicorn” were in the top 5. Netizens’ parodies of Yao Yao’s “Sha/Kill Online” and “Isabelle’s 12 Constellation Proposal” ads also entered the top 10.

Patty Hou’s 31st birthday is coming up on December 20th. During a recording, Super Junior M’s leader, Hankyung, refused to continue the episode. Patty Hou started wondering what the problem was. The other members were also curious as to why Hankyung was angry. Later, Hankyung came out with a cake and singing the happy birthday song. As this was her first time being pranked in the entertainment industry, Patty Hou was both shocked and overjoyed. She even cried on set.


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