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Korean idol group SHINee will be featured on the cover of fashion magazine Dazed & Confused Korea next month, according to a press release by agency SM Entertainment.

The boy band, known for their fashionable looks, will appear in 14 pages of Dazed which includes an interview, a fashion spread and two versions of the cover — in black and pink. It is the first time that a Korean celebrity has graced the magazine’s cover.

Dazed & Confused — a U.K. magazine that covers fashion, music, film, art and literature — is known for its artsy and provocative style. It was founded in 1992 by fashion photographer Rankin and magazine editor Jefferson Hack, ex-boyfriend of British supermodel Kate Moss.

Behind-the-scenes footage of SHINee at the fashion shoot was posted on the magazine’s official website ( on Monday.

The five-member pop group had topped various music charts in Korea for several weeks with “Ring Ding Dong”, the first single from their third mini-album “2009, Year Of Us” which was released in late October. They have had several other K-pop hits, including their debut single “Older Girl, You’re So Pretty” and “Juliette” earlier this year.

The January issue of “Dazed” featuring SHINee will be available in bookstores starting December 20.

Reporter : Lynn Kim
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