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After the recent criticisms against his solo concert and while investigations are still in the process on the controversial parts to the concert by Health and Family Welfare association, Big Bang leader GDragon has all eyes on him again.

GDragon was previously appointed the public ambassador by Korea’s Ministry of Justice for the Law and Order department, and this was being raised up in various online community sites recently by netizens.

In one community site, netizens uploaded photos of GDragon at the public ambassador appointment ceremony and also news article regarded to it, and many netizens have also posted up criticisms about the case.

Already on the 15th, an investigation was warranted out to investigate on GDragon’s recent solo concert, which was said to have showcased many scenes which were unhealthy for teenage fans. Performances like ‘She’s Gone’ and ‘Breathe’ put up during the solo concert are said to be inappropriate for the teenage fans present as they involved many dances and movements which are said to be more suitable for adults.

S: TVDaily + kbites


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