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누나 blabber’s post

i’ve been on semi-hiatus for the past few days and seems like I’ve missed a lot of things on cyberworld and on kpop world. So sorry with that.  It turns out that the holiday i am having right now is quite a sham considering that my internet connection at my house is soooooo sloooooow that everytime I turn my PC on I get pissed off in an instant.  That’s how slow my internet is right now.

Anyway, a lot has been happening around. Circulating here on the web about my dear SUPER JUNIOR and those freaking headless chickens a.k.a the netizen where throwing at them.  Seems like this is their year and not our SUPER JUNIOR year.  I am so appalled by what they were doing.  They are not God’s to judge people and make assuming statements based on hearsays and second hand relays of people around them.  They are just trying to destroy kpop artist dignity by trying to make all the issue’s worse than they already are.  I can’t sleep because of this.  This is not right.  Considering that they made a clean living out of their God given talent and yet those haters/bashers or whatever you call it are feasting themselves out of other peoples missery.  This is not right.  They should give those artist a benefit of the doubt cause all their life they have been working hard to perfect their craft to entertain us people and yet those unforgivable %&^&^%$&$-zens are trying to destroy it by making issues that are false and incorrect.  I know I may sound so redundant and all of that stuff but this is inhumane. Normal people wouldn’t do that, right?

But it’s not for me to tell you that you should believe those headless chickens or not.  It’s for you to decide.  I’m just saying as a matter of fact that this is beyond control.  Many are affected by it and so is the artist(s) itself.  People, you know who you believe on and you know what you stand for as a fangirl/fanboy.  Let’s learn and know everything  from credible sites that give us the right updates and not just to some inhumane, purely farce sites that gives us heartache and headache for wondering why that was really an issue or so and so forth.  Though it’s purely entertaining by some but it’s really not.

Honestly, was really distraught by it.  Can’t think of any other reason why some people make a feast of other people’s doings. So sad that there are people like that.  All fan sites should unite to protect what is right and to protect who they care for against those haters who literally destroys kpop or jpop artist in general.

As I said earlier, I have been missing out on a lot of updates for the past 7 days and would like to post the updates that I gather from various sites even on the last minute or should I say, even if it’s 7 days late and believe me this would be so so so many updates so please bear with me.  But still want to enjoy posting it here cause i love those lurkers who gets the time to visit our page.  So feel free on browsing and reading whatever you fancy and please do leave comments or whatsoever.  I would really really appreciate it.   Thank you very much!


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