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Taegoon held a concert “TAEGOON White Love 2009” recently. The performances started off with “Superstar” and “One Two Step”. He did a total of 15 songs, including familiar songs like “Call Me” and “Betrayed”, but also a few special performances like “I Do” by Rain, and “Perfect Man” by Shinhwa. In addition, supportive video messages from Taegoon’s seniors in the industry were presented. TVXQ’s Xiah Junsu message stated “I’m close with Taegoon, so I’m very moved too. Song and dance performances are expected, do your best!”

During a press conference after the event, Taegoon talked about the selection of songs to perform. He says, “Rain is a senior that I respect the most. There were many dance songs, but I wanted to present a ballad song to my fans, so “I Do” was chosen.” Taegoon also chose “Perfect Man” by Shinhwa because of his participation in Battle Shinhwa several years ago before his debut. “Although I had a shaved head back then, (smiles) I saw Shinhwa performing and I thought I’d like to do that someday.”

Taegoon talked about the difference between Korean and Japanese fans. “The fans in South Korea all get up and dance together while I perform, but the fans in Japan listen carefully and quietly. I heard that it was because of cultural differences, but at first I was puzzled and thought I was doing something wrong in Japan.” He seems to become accustom to the atmosphere of Japan.

Taegoon also commented on some memorable fans, “One person came to support me with a handmade round fan, however, instead of having my face on it, the face of Jaejoong was there. Though I think it means that my fan also supports him… but because he’s a friend that I love, and a true friend, I was happy.”

Although Taegoon’s current weight is 73kg (160lbs) he wants to drop to 68kg (149lbs). “Because I have broad shoulders, I have to buy things according to that. The clothes I buy are always in sizes too large. I don’t need to become thinner in circumference, but I do aerobic exercises because I could wear very cool things if I were thinner.

“I’m very active in Japan recently, but it’s said that the night view of Kobe and Tokyo Disneyland would be nice places to visit. When I was on Battle Shinhwa I came to Japan with the other members. We ate ox tongue and it was very delicious. That left a deep impression on me.”

Taegoon talked about his desires for the future, “I do my best in singing activities, but I would like to show other sides of myself outside of music programs. I want to challenge myself with variety shows and acting.” and showed a willingness.



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