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Girl Group Kara has exceeded expectations in Japan.

It was announced that Kara are holding their Japanese showcase fanmeeting in Akasaka, Tokyo at a venue which seats 1400 people. Consequently the reactions of Japanese fans have been explosive. With tickets on sale for less than a week, for the 1400 seats available more than 3000 people (and counting) have registered. With the number of registrants steadily increasing to this day, Kara should be very pleased with themselves.

A PR stated “This is beyond all of our expectations, even we are astonished. We are currently in discussions over how to move forward.”

This could possibly be a sign of Kara skyrocketing to fame in Japan. After well-known Japanese gagman Gegitan Hitori’s continuous talks about Kara, the girl group has become quite a topic of conversation in the country. They even appeared through video on Japan’s great idol group show, Arashi’s homework.

Meanwhile Kara have said “Around January in the new year we will announce our new album and, initially, focus on Korean activities; our Japanese activities will need to be evaluated a little more closely before any are made definite.”

Journalist: Kim Hyung-woo
translated by joel.@KARAholic


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