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A dance crew featuring Jaebeom, the former leader of K-pop group 2PM who left the group earlier this year after controversial remarks he made about Korea surfaced, recently won a B-boy competition in Seattle, Wash.

According to users on the video sharing Web site YouTube, dance crew Art of Movement (AOM), of which Jaebeom is a member, took first place in the Winter Nights B-boy dance festival.

In a video seen on YouTube, the Korean-American singer, attired in a black T-shirt, showed off his powerful dance skills. Some claim that the T-shirt was given to Jaebeom by 2PM fans.

By winning the competition, AOM was recognized as the best B-boy dance team in Seattle.

Jaebeom quit 2PM and left Korea for the United States in September after being embroiled in a controversy regarding negative comments he made about Korea four years ago.

Meanwhile, 2PM has taken the K-pop scene by storm recently with its hit song, “Heartbeat.”


reup: 리즈

Here’s the vid of the event:



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