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This is a late video dated October 10 of 2009

Taemin called Heechul for some questions to be answered.

Before answering:

MC: Are you going to call Kim Heechul?
TM: Yes.
MC: Kim Heechul-shii might be the one called the most on World Changing Quiz.

Begin Answering:

TM: Hyung, while studying, while organizing, what do you use?
HC: Notebook, note book*
TM: What are you not supposed to do in public places?
HC: Urinate?
(Tae min passed this question)

TM: It’s yellow and it’s long…
HC: hurry, hurry up, I can feel it, faster faster!
TM:It’s yellow, long, can be eaten, fruit
HC: banana

MC: now its time for the food questions! (If these are guessed correctly, food can be won)

TM:It’s a
TM:It’s something from the past…how should I say it? It’s turned rusty.
HC: Taemin ah, hurry up, you’re running out of time!
TM: You know what they say in soccer when the ball goes in?(T/N: Taemin is using figurative words to help heechul)
TM:Then north, south, ______,west
HC: DONG! (T/N: dong is east in korean)
MC: wow really difficult
HC: ancient artifact!
(Heechul answers correctly)

TM: ding, dang, ding ding!
TM: It’s not a ching!*(T/N: some sort of string instrument)
HC: bronze drum!
MC: correct! we will end here

MC: Kim Hee Chul?
HC: hello
MC: You’re on the phone often (T/N: implying that heechul has played this game many times)
HC: hahahahahaha
HC: our taemin? ah he has to talk faster!
MC: but both of you have managed to win two portions of food!
HC: ah…that’s nice to hear!
MC:go eat something delicious with taemin!
HC: yes…sebaGU hwaiting!*(T/N: heechul mispronounced the name of the show, it’s supposed to be sebaGUI)
MC: Thank you…What’s this…se ba GU

fever and for translation

Here’s the video:

♫©aneng007@YT, sj-market

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