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Jewelry Starts Anew

Park Jeong-ah, left, Seo In-young

Park Jeong-ah and Seo In-young, the two key members of the girl group Jewelry, are each going solo after leaving the four-member group, their agency Star Empire said Friday.

Star Empire said in a press release: “The two members will end their activities as Jewelry members with the release of the group’s sixth repackaged album titled `End And’ next week. They will begin solo activities after promoting the album’s title song `Love Story.”’

“Love Story” is a song discussing the intricacies of the emotion amidst the backdrop of two parting lovers. In particular, a lyric in the song, “I don’t say goodbye bye, please don’t say goodbye bye,” is interpreted as expressing regret about the departure of Park, 28, and Seo, 24, from the group, Star Media said.

“I had a lot of joy and anger while performing as a member of Jewelry over the last nine years. I am satisfied with the fact that the `Jewelry’ brand has been set up,” Park was quoted as saying.

Jewelry will recruit new members and continue its activities.

Park made her debut as one of the founding members of Jewelry in 2001 and Seo joined the group in 2002.


reup: 리즈

Actually, love this group.  Sad to say that two main ladies decided to get out and make a move on to the next chapter of their life without JEWELRY stucked into their name. I begin to like them when I saw Seo In-young on “We are Married” and learned from there how good there songs were.  It’s just too bad.  As they say, All is well that ends well.   Atleast, they are happy in their own respective life now.


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