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So I guess by now you knew about the new version of two of the most popular song of Super Junior 3jib.

Actually, if you’ve already watched live performances of Super Junior on their previous Super Show 2, you’ll know that they  gave us a hint of what’s the new mixes all about.

Like for instance this Sorry Sorry- Answer version on the SS2 show, they performed it like plenty of times on different SS2 scene but missing the English rap on the “almost” last part of the song.   I don’t know if you agreed on this but when I heard it, I was amazed on Eunhyuk and Donghae’s exchange rap part. They gave justice to the new version.  That’s where the new Sorry, Sorry came in.   It’s actually good considering you’ll here familiar voices (K.R.Y) that belted out the most on the song.  Quite an improvement I must say.

Next is the Neorago new version, still the same but added a flare of electric kinda techno groove on the first part.  I don’t know what to call it since I’m not a master of music.  But it has a feel to it.   And it was also performed on some of their Super Show 2 stints.

So basically, it’s a good move in making a new album out of these 2 songs since it’s the best seller up to date and really, let’s just face it guys, is a good good song.

Here’s the Sorry Sorry KRY R & B Remix:


Here’s the Sorry Sorry Remix Version on SS2 Japan;


And here’s the new Sorry Sorry- Answer Remix:



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