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Just for kicks! Part 2

Your Super Junior Fairytale (This Probley Wont Make Sense)
Name / Username 리즈 / Terdee
Situation… You have been locked away by the monk because you said the bible was a fairytale its self
Prince & Sidesick… Your Prince is Leetuek with Kangin not far behind him
Action… Ryeowook was lookout in the Marsh’s while Yehsung carried him
Eventually… Yehsung and Wook never made it out the forest due to quicksand
Ok then, who did Save you… Hengeng <333
Happily Ever After… Had a couple thousand kids by all these princes and sidekicks and the ones who arnt even mentioned =D
This QuickKwiz by FallenAngeloxo – Taken 309 Times.

New – How do you get a guy to like you?


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