re-posting anything kpop, jpop and SEOUL..


I know you might think that this is not Super Junior related but it is. Trust me. You’ll find it out along the way. (clue: episode 6)


I discovered this new Korean Drama on one of the threads of SJ-World. Some ELF’s where talking about how great the drama was and the characters as well. They say if they had to choose between B.O.F and this one, they’d say that this one is way much better.

So then I thought, why won’t I give it a try. It’s been ages since my last Kdrama flick marathon. So I went to my fave site,, and found out that they have it there but it’s on Ning and some of the vids won’t play on my PC so I switched to instead since this is my 2nd most loved in watching kdrama flicks cause they have complete, almost complete variety of movies, dramas from all over Asia and VOILA! there I found it, an up to date videos of the kdrama. Was so happy about it. It’s like I’m reborn from being a couch potato addict again. LOL.

I am still on my episode 10 and the Kdrama only has 16 episodes so I’m still fighting back the excitement of blabbering it out in here. So I’ll just gonna leave it at that for awhile and get back as soon as I finished the whole thing. It is for the best. hihihiihi…^^


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