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Mark it on your calendar, guys! (if there’s anyone in here..eodi? yeoreoboon?)

The birth of the Super Junior 4 years ago. Where 13 gorgeous boys hailed from all different cities of Korea, graces us with their unique style of entertainment. LSM of SME recognizes pure talent when he sees one and he’s definitely right from the start.

Trained and molded to be one of the many great performers of KPOP world. Labeled as the largest group in all over the world says the Guinness Book of World Records and one of the top selling albums in Korea and other Asian market.

These boys came a long long way and without realizing, that everything just comes into place. Time flies like it was just yesterday when they first debuted. So proud of these 13 that they made a mark for themselves in Hallyu Wave. Each made their own transition to hone their craft and be known not just as an individual but being a Super Junior as well. Everywhere they go, whatever stint or perf they do, they always carry the name of their group and that is SUPER JUNIOR.

Just hope that there will still be years of albums, songs, and performances to come. Wish that we’ll still be together: you 13 there, me here. LOL. Finding LOVE along the way cause you guys really need to find a girlfriend that would love you and take care of you when your busy with your schedules and wish that you prioritize your health more.

Super Junior, HWAITING!
Super Junior, SARANGHAEYO!


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