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While I was Youtubing again, I saw this vid with my 2 main character on it (YeTeuk). And boy, they were so so sooooo GORGEOUS! yes, all of them are. They were asked about their transition of being boys on their previous album to be the men they are today in their current 3jib. And was lead on doing the show-off (the smile) for the audience and tele-viewers to see.

Siwon got the hottest smile ever. Nothing new with that. Consistent being the hottest member.

Hangeng got the brightest with the nice set of pearly whites. Funny thing cause he had not heard the host asking him to say “Saranghaeyo” but when questioned of the age gap of Teukie and another guest, he automatically answered. LOL.

My Teukie (as well as the person who made this vid says) is soooo soooo cute. Yes, definitely kawaii ne!

And last but not the least was My Yesung, who is so damn freaking adorable. *drools* I can’t help but smile and giggle at the same time as I watch this vid. Notice, on the last part after Yesung smiled (1:05), a female guest just couldn’t help but say that Yesung oppa was really cute and she said it twice!


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