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Again, I bumped in a video on Youtube (credits:nghiasan) on how a Super Junior would propose to someone. And guess what, I nearly cried again of how romantic they were on this video. They made me want to get married fast. LOL.

Funny thing here is when Heechul made his proposal. I can’t help but laugh. And Eunhyuk’s kinda shy on proposing.

I know this is an old vid, i just want to post it and make a memoire of it.

Tearjerker Proposal:


Do you want to know why I like you?
There’s no other reason except that you’re you. You are the one that makes me feel very thankful.

(I never thought that he would be this mature on LOVE)

Someone said before that “I love you”.
It isn’t something you say only with your mouth.
But you say it with your eyes, fingertips, and your breath as well.
I don’t know if you can tell by looking at my face,
but then I will just say it: SARANGHAE!

My YETEUK’S line:


But do you know what is the one thing I do best in these world?
It’s loving you.


I wish that you would stay by my side forever.
I will always love only you.

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