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[SS2 JAPAN] Shining Star Perf on Premium

I was watching the perf when I got teary eyed all of a sudden. I don’t know why again. They were all smiling but the tears just falls out from my eyes. Maybe I was just thinking of how hard it was for them to be where they are today.

They are the STAR. They are THE shining star. THE SHINING STAR.

So that’s it. Shining ever so brightly that they’ve touched millions of fans around the world through their music. The star that goes down on earth to make us believe that it’s okay to dream. Little did we know, that they also need someone like us to actually support them in even a tiniest way we can.

They are our STAR. We are their STAR. It’s like they are the star that guides us into the night (metaphor) and we are their star that guides them to their dreams. If this could be a possibility, I would greatly shine for the Super Junior to finally get what they really want in their life and to see them for once be happy again.


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