re-posting anything kpop, jpop and SEOUL..


I don’t know why but i really like him when he sings live. I like the tone of his voice. Like the part when he belt it out on “It’s You”, puts a smile on my face. Serious dramatic songs makes me fall for him then switch back to reality that I have my Teukie Love.

Yet I STILL like him being on his dorkiness, too. He laughs remarkably. Has a great compassion with his music and acting on theater. A lot of characteristic for a person such as Yesung. A great performer. Surprisingly amazing! Very shy at times just like dear Yookie but that gives him the appeal.

I really want to spazz about Yesung but it is still on a jumble in my mind. Can’t put it to words yet. I need to calm down. I think I love him, too. LOL. Omo, 2 guys at the same time. Whew. This is going to be hard to handle ei. Might as well post one like this for the mean time. End.

Mood: bright and sunny
Music: It’s You – Super Junior


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