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Yes, indeed he apologized. Kangin. I feel for him, really. He was doing it for self-defense and yet became a national issue. Damn! Being a celebrity definitely has a price to pay. Being provoked by that, is a bid deal too. If I were in Kangin’s situation, I would do the same. Based on what I read, he was being patient the whole time. But enough is enough, need to protect himself right? I would do the same. He was provoked and yet those st***d b***d are deliberately making Kangin do it. They were F**G insecure. I know it. And by the looks of it, they were drunk and just tripping around I guess.

Poor Kangin, for being there in a situation where those drunks don’t have anything to do but pissed other people up. Some drunks really don’t know how to handle alcohol. Geez, when would drunks ever grow up. LOL! Been drunk before but I never pick a fight. Hmmmm..

Kangin, I as an ELF support you. I know you’ll never do anything to put shame on yourself or for super junior. I know that there’s a reason for you to act that way. And I believe in you and the super junior. You’re a smart kid, Kangin. You did the right thing. Kangin hwaiting!


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