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Music: Why I like You, Marry U, Sorry sorry, U (soundtripping)

I’ve been reading and seeing a lot of articles, photos and videos of the Super Show 2 in HK that made me really jealous and really was crying for not being able to see the concert for myself. How I wish Super Junior could come to the Philippines and have a concert here as well. (pics can be seen on super junior site, youtube, sj-world, suju forums)

Yes, I am jealous. I don’t know why. Maybe because I really really love the boys that I ached all over for not being able to experience the joy of witnessing their performances on stage. Wishful thinking that by the nearest future I could be able to do that.

Oh, those vids and photos are so beautiful and it made me cry inside. Childish for a noona to be like this. ^^

I was just hurt and sad, again, by Kangin’s behavior in the concert (as if I was there). He was kind of apologetic the whole time. Bowing on everybody in those pics like he was sorry for whatever it is that was happening to him and to everybody else. And he was crying all the while, poor baby. Wish I could hold him in my arms and hug him tight telling him that it’ll be alright.

On a lighter note, damn, Wookie was being smexy on his perf of Insomnia (i saw the vid..hehehehe). Boy, thank God he listened to his Hyung to have a solo like that. Great change and a very impressive one I must say. But, my Leeteuk, (jealous for not seeing it live) smiles all over the place. I can see his dimples showing up. He’s got a solo too just like everybody else. Seeing those pics with a girl dancer….oooohhhhh makes me so jealous (again ^^). My Jong Woon, seranades the ELF again. T.T just love it when he sings live.

Aaaah the sweet joy of seeing them perform live. Lucky for those that have seen it.

I am being ridiculous again. I have to stop this. Makes me kind of an idiot. LOL.



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