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I will forever bleed sapphire blue
From Eeteukie to Kyu.

The moment I let myself get in to your world
I felt attached by you and your music
Truth be told.

As I glimpse back to where you all started,
I see the hardships that each of you guys hold.
The trials and the conflicts,
The heartaches and the triumphs,
Still at the end, was all worth to the world.

I bleed sapphire blue.

Each time you cry, I cry in sadness.
Each time you smile, I smiled with delight.
Each time you laugh, tears comes out in pure in happiness.

In every tear drop that runs through your cheeks,
My heart goes out with you.
Misery or even bliss,
My desire is for you to be merry through and through.

You give strength to one another.
You are all at its best when you’re all together.
We see our strength through yours.
You support and protect each other like brothers.
We’ll support, love, and protect you, too

And still bleed sapphire blue.

In every blood, sweat and tears that you shed,
Rest assured that all will be rewarded.
10 years from now to nth years,
I’ll always be your number 1 fan in the end.

I know it’s hard being you.
Wishing all your worries just fade away.
Keeping your faith and dropping the fear.
Will always be standing here,
To cheer you til the end.

In every song and dance that you’ve done,
Be treasured and appreciated from all of us fan.
Stay healthy and live well,
Be the Super Junior,
forever be one plus us as ELF.

From Park JungSoo to Cho KyuHyun,
I will always be…

I will always be bleeding sapphire blue.

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