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For Leeteuk

Why must you be sad every time you post something on your CY?
Why must you be tired when you love what you are doing?
Why must you weep when you know that there are millions of fans backing you up in everything that you do?
Why must you feel lonely when there’s the 12 dongsaengs in front of you?
Why must you be scared to be called Uncle when ultimately you know that forever we will call you “Oppa”?
Why must you think that you’ve never been a good leader when you know that you’ve done a great job in raising your dongsaengs to be good citizens of the world?
Why must you over worked yourself when you can rely on others for help?
Why must you feel that you’ve never done enough for everybody, when you know that you’ve done a great share for the group and for the fans?
Why must you sacrifice everything, don’t you think you’ve offered enough?
Why must you suffer when you know that you have to be more careful with your health?

All I am saying is that, you should take good care of yourself. I know you’ve done enough. I know you’ve been a good leader. I know you’ve been a great performer. I know you’ve been a good Hyung. I know that they can always depend on you. But what can you do for yourself for ones, oppa? Can you honestly say that you have been taking care of yourself? Please do mind your health. Please do take enough rest always. I know you’ve work hard to be on where you are today (all of you). But please be healthy so we can still see you on stage performing in the years to come. Without Super Junior, would there be fans like us or the ELF? Think about it.

***this is just me blabbering about what I am most concerned about. My leeteuk oppa. (my bias) ^^


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