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My hyung… Leeteuk.. ^^
2009.05.02 01:36

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I’ve come out to live (on my own) for 12 years…

(I have) Met really good people.

Actually, I cried reading Teukie hyung’s post.

This is a fact that I hate to admit…

But I really can’t do without hyung.

To have been able to come this far, to be where I am now, is only possible because of hyung.

Teukie hyung cries with me when I cry, and laughs along when I laugh.

Teukie hyung thinks about others’ interests before his own, and always wants to give more, no matter how little.

(He is) Really impressive on shows.

I already know that, but his talent is really not a joke^^

Even though there are times when he made the atmosphere awkward..

Teukie hyung never gives up, and courageously faces these challenges.. ^^

Even when I’m 40 years old, 50 years old, I will still believe in hyung^^

I love you!! Hyungnim!!

Hyungnim, don’t feel lonely… Because I will always be at your side nagging^^

I leave my next 10 years in your hands^^

SuJu leader Eeteuk!! The strongest Eeteuk!! You are the true Finger King!!^^
Cr: ONLYSJ13, 十三姨 @ KT私人公寓
Translated from Chinese to English by yurim_sj♥ @
Please credit if taking out, and do not add your own credits, thanks!

***very touching! look at how Donghae love and adore Leeteuk oppa. Just thought to post it here cause I really like it when they value Oppa so much even in his saddest times of his life.


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